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Peak Belukha (Beluha) climbing 4506m in 2004. Karatyurek, Kucherla, Shambala, Akkem.

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Ala-Kul Lake

Karakol ski-base

Ski-base Karakol

Issyk-Kul Lake

Karakol valley.

Peking to Paris'07

Novosibirsk. Winter

Kyrgyzstan. Issuk-Kul

European holidays

Altai. Beluha (RUS)

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Alpindustria. Novosibirsk

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July-August 2006. 3 weeks in Europe.

July-August 2006. 3 weeks in Europe.

This year 2006 we were waiting impatiently for the summer holidays because we were invited by my friends to visit Europe for one month. My friends - Jean-Claude Legros and Evelyne Felix, his wife - are from Belgium and we know each other many years already. In 2004 they were invited by me to visit Russia and we had a beatiful trip to Altai mountains, where we had a climbing to the highest peak of that region - Belukha (Beluha) Mt. 4506 m. After that travel I was invited to visit their country - Belgium. In 2005 this plan was skipped, but in 2006 we could find the needed time and some money for this dream of childhood.
To get a visa to Belgium (we were asking for Shengen visa) in Novosibirsk was not too easy. First of all we were obliged to use Belgium general consulate in Moscow because there are no any other departments in Russia. But we were lucky to have an agreement with their staff to send all needed documents via post not visiting them personally. In total we spent half a year to gather all recuired documents and papers and al last we got this travel visa for me and my wife, Zhanna (Jane).
So, in July we packed up our rucksacks and took a train from Novosibirsk (Russia) to Almaty (Kazakhstan). From Almaty we had a car to Karakol (the eastern part of Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan) via Kegen town on the Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan border. We went to Kyrgyzstan first, because we decided to leave our daughter Lyuba with our parents while we have a trip to Europe. This choice was the best for that time - Issyk-Kul region has a perfect climate for the health of our daughter.
In 19th of July we had a flight from Kyrgyzstan's main airport "Manas" (Bishkek) to Moscow, Sheremetyevo-2 (Russia), where we had a next flight to Brussels. Upon landing in Brussels' airport we were met by Jean-Claude and were brought by his car (Renault Megane - good medium car) to his house in Awan - a settlement near Aywaille city.
From the landing in Brussels in the first day and to the last day we had there we tried to see as much as it possible. Those three weeks we actually spent there we had no any rest, because it was pity to have that - we were walking around and kkeping an eye on all what was happening around - the style of European life was really interesting for us.
During this travel we had time to visit Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Holland (Netherlands). And the general effect of this trip is very positive and that's clear for us now why so many people try to move to Europe leaving the countries where they live now. In our opinion now - Russia is behind the current economical and social situation of Europe on 50 years, not to mention Central Asian republics like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan...
That's all in short above. We have so many emotions after European holidays so there is no enough time and paper to describe it. We had a camera with us and it was working all the time so we have a lot of pictures. The best photographs of Europe and our holidays I post here. I have added descriptions to every picture, so you can understand what every picture is about and where it was taken. Click on the photo and the new window with larger picture and full description will be opened...


There was a good house with garden and pool. The river is just behind their garden.
Loire. View of the garden and pool.
We have found a mantis in the garden - very fun insect.
That was already usual to have a meal outside because of the good weather.
Loire. View of the yard.
From left to right:
Jean-Francois - the architect, likes music and fishing (we had one day for fishing with him on Loire - I could catch one big bream among many small rudds)
Me and Zhanna - lucky with this travel russians
Helene - the music teacher with beautiful voice.
They presented us a small concert in the last evening singing the wonderful folklore songs. They have own albums and presented us their CDs too.
Jean-Francois, Helene and we are standing together.
That was a great surprise for us! One day we had a stop near some house. That was a cafe, the usual one from the first look. But we read the name of this cafe - 'Bistro-museum Lenin Cafe' written in russian. Amazing to find this place in some small out-of-the-way village. The owner of this museum is one Croat woman - her grandfather began to collect some things about Lenin.
Along Loire. Lenin Cafe.
Angers Castle (Chateau-d'Angers) - the old classical fortress of ancient times X-XI cc.
France. Angers Castle-Fortress.
The history of the old town is written in gobelins. These linens were weaved in 1377. The total square of these gobelens is like a football ground. Some part of gobelens was lost and the rest part is keeping in the special big room with the special climate. Flash lights are forbidden here.
Angers. Gobelin Gallery.
There is a small beautiful garden in front of the walls of the fortress.
Angers. Garden in front of walls.
Just unusual architecture for us though it's usual for Europe. Every village has something like that - old cathedral, church or belfry.
Angers. Some tower or cathedral.
I tried to understand the meaning of these Francois Morellet works - but couldn't... I think I am too young for this. :-)
Angers. Modern arts exhibition. Francois Morellet.
Just a field of sunflowers. This area is called 'bins of France' because of agriculture.
France. Sunflower field.

France. Chamonix. Monument.
I bought a car there (Ferrari)... Unfortunately I couldn't bring it to Russia... :-)
Chamonix. Me and Ferrari.
There was a good view of mountains in the good weather days. There are many lifts/cable-ways to the surrounding tops and many interested persons use them for gliding in the summer time.
Chamonix. View of the mountains.
There is a river just in the middle and along the city. Sometimes we could see noisy and fun people in the raft boats and kayaks.
Chamonix. River.
Sometimes we could see the top of Mt. Mont-Blanc - other time it was too cloudy. I had a dream to climb to Mont-Blanc this year, but weather conditions didn't allow me to do it.
Chamonix. Mont-Blanc.
Hotel La Chaumiere is the place where we spent our Chamonix overnights. We had a room on the second floor with the great view of Mont-Blanc and other mountains.
Chamonix. Hotel La Chaumiere.
This is a view from our hotel room. The glacier is going down till the city border. It's possible to see here the entry to the tunnel which goes under Mont-Blanc to Italy.
Chamonix. Glacier and tunnel.
This is another view from our hotel room. These days were almost always cloudy.
Chamonix. View from the window.
In the last evening we had a good view of Mont-Blanc and glacier.
Chamonix. Mont-Blanc and me.
We had one day for small excursion to the high altitude 3842m on the famous cable-way Aiguille-du-midi.
Chamonix. Aiguille-du-midi cable way.
We have started our way in cabine.
Chamonix. Aiguille-du-midi start.
Higher and higher above the city in the cabine.
Chamonix. Aiguille-du-midi continue.
The first change of cabine is at altitude 3000m where the next cable way should bring us to the next top at 3842m.
Aiguille-du-midi. Change of cabine.
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