Personal page of Sergey Shetinin. Photo of Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Issyk-Kul Lake, Mont-Blanc, Karakol, Oguz-Bashi, Khan-Tengri.
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Peak Belukha (Beluha) climbing 4506m in 2004. Karatyurek, Kucherla, Shambala, Akkem.


Thailand, Pattaya

Ala-Kul Lake

Karakol ski-base

Ski-base Karakol

Issyk-Kul Lake

Karakol valley.

Peking to Paris'07

Novosibirsk. Winter

Kyrgyzstan. Issuk-Kul

European holidays

Altai. Beluha (RUS)

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Alpindustria. Novosibirsk

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Last updates/articles

Last updates/articles

Summer 2017. Mushrooms season

After moving to Novosibirsk I've left my fishing activity and switched to other 'hunting' - mushrooms collecting. This new activity is great for my health and mood - early morning I walk in the forests and breathing fresh air and looking for mushrooms under the grass and trees. >>>


December 2012. Thailand (Pattaya) from Siberia, Novosibirsk

The travel to Thailand was planned in the summer 2012. To get a better price we should buy tickets early, 5-6 months advance. My friend suggested me the best choice for dates and hotel and we booked our trip in July 2012 for December 2012. As appeared that was a great chance for us to escape the crazy frost of minus 37 in Novosibirsk and come to warm weather of plus 35 centigrades in Pattaya. >>>


August 2010. Ala-Kul Lake - from Karakol to Altyn Arashan

The trekking to Ala-Kul lake was planned a few years ago. Initially Azat, my classmate, asked me to organize the Ala-Kul Lake visiting in 2008. But we didn’t realize this plan because of some reasons – once that was awful weather during weeks, then we had no the group participants gathered together. And at last, in this February 2010 when I visited Karakol ski base and met Azat and Ainura we decided to do this trekking in August 2010. So to 18th of August we had nine friends who liked our idea and our group of girls and boys was ready to begin four days trekking to Ala-Kul Lake... >>>


February 2010. Karakol ski base, Kyrgyzstan.

Short review about my trip to Kyrgyzstan, Karakol in February 2010. My 3-days visit to Karakol ski-base and my emotions are in this article. Probably that will be useful for those who wants to have a fantastic mountain skiing and doesn't know where. The answer is: Karakol ski-base in Kyrgyzstan! Find prices, links and guides how to get to there. >>>


January 2008. Ski resort "Karakol"

My friends, Dmitry Leshev and Natalya Yamkovaya, have returned from their winter Kyrgyzstan holidays. They spent two weeks on the beautiful ski resort of Kyrgyzstan – "Karakol" ski-base. This ski-base is being developing for the last 2-3 years and we can already see the real results of this improvement: new chair lifts, new buildings, new ski routes and wonderful service is provided there nowadays. The photographs from Karakol ski-base are showing the beauty of this region... >>>


August 2007. Photos of Issyk-Kul lake Kyrgyzstan

After such a great trekking in Karakol valley I had three weeks to have a full relaxation before the new coming working year. Here, in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan, I had a lot of possibilities to spend my rest-time full of joy, meetings, wimming and sunburning. Issyk-Kul Lake, good summer weather, fresh vegetables and fruits, friends and relatives meetings, fishing and many other things and activities accompanied us this time. Photos of Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan and also the pictures about fishing at Issyk-Kul Lake and ponds, Karakol town, SMU, Pristan-Karakol, rest at Issyk-Kul Lake, Boom canyon, beaches of Issyk-Kul Lake >>>


July 2007. Kirgizia (Kyrgyzstan). Trekking in Karakol valley.

Starting from 2006 we were gathering for the trip to Kirgizia (Kyrgyzstan) for trying to climb at some beautiful summits of Karakol Valley (Tien-Shan) near Issyk-Kul Lake.

Initially this idea appeared in the mind of Quentin, the crazy Belgium guy, who decided to take a bike trip over the huge distance starting from Aral Sea in Kazakhstan to Tibet in China crossing the wild mountains of Kyrgyzstan on the way. >>>


2007 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. Rest-Day in Novosibirsk

In 8th of June Peking to Paris 2007 Motor Challenge arrived to Novosibirsk. First competitors were observed on the Berdsky Shosse road 30 km before Novosibirsk's center at 2pm. This day they had a route from Bijsk to Novosibirsk and arriving here they should have a rest-day in 9th of June... >>>


December 2006. Novosibirsk. Snow, skiing.

Winter has come late this year. We were waiting the first snow till the end of November. Before that we wore a light jackets and shoes what was unusual for the this season. November was mentioned in the news as an unusually warm in this year... Then in December we had more snow... >>>


August 2006. Kyrgyzstan. Issuk-Kul Lake.

The two weeks after Europe we spent on the Issyk-Kul lakeshore in the house of my moter-in-law. That was great to live not far from the lake - everyday were going to swim and play in the water, going to gather some herbs and flowers to take them in Novosibirsk, talking with our relatives and friends living in Karakol and Pristan-Prjevalsk. So - we had a great relaxation time there - thanks to weather. >>>


July-August 2006. 3 weeks in Europe.

We were waiting impatiently for the summer holidays of 2006 year because we were invited by my friends to visit Europe for one month. My friends - Jean-Claude Legros and Evelyne Felix, his wife - are from Belgium and we know each other many years already. In 2004 they were invited by me to visit Russia and we had a beatiful trip to Altai mountains, where we had a climbing to the highest peak of that region - Belukha (Beluha) Mt. 4506 m. After that travel I was invited to visit their country - Belgium. In 2005 this plan was skipped, but in 2006 we could find the needed time and some money for this dream of childhood. >>>


Expedition to Belukha Peak 4506m. Climbing. (RUS)

This article is about our climbing on the highest peak of Altai mountains - Belukha (Beluha) peak 4506m. Me (Sergey Shetinin) and my Belgian friends (Jean-Claude Legros and Evelyne Felix) spend three weeks in that expedition. We had an unforgettable time and visited the beautiful region of Russia - Altai mountainous area. This article is in Russian language only, so sorry - I had no time to translate this big report into any other language... >>>




Schetinin's and Vershinin's couples. From left to right: Zhanna, Sergey, Andrey, Ekaterina. Beautiful island Koh Rin Thailand. December 2012.
Schetinin's and Vershinin's couples
From left to right: Zhanna, Sergey, Andr...

Ala-Kul Lake. The first view. When you reach altitude 3532 m above the sea level you can see the Lake Ala-Kul - this pearl of Karakol gorge. There is no fish in this lake because of cold water and high altitude, but the landscape of this area is really beautiful and more and more tourists coem here each year.
Ala-Kul Lake. The first view
When you reach altitude 3532 m above the...

Sergey, Azat and Karakol peak. View from 3050m.. The photosession on the top of Panorama peak (3050m). Sergey Shetinin and Azat are above the Karakol valley and almost one the same level (thanks to perspective) with Karakol peak 5216m, that stands on the left of the photo.
Sergey, Azat and Karakol peak. View from 3050m.
The photosession on the top of Panorama ...

Picture of Karakol Ski-base. Chair lift and Issyk-Kul Lake. Chair lift of Karakol ski-base is one of many improvements of Karakol ski base. Dmitry and Anton Leshevy are in the chair lift on the background of trees and Issyk-Kul Lake.
Picture of Karakol Ski-base. Chair lift and Issyk-Kul Lake
Chair lift of Karakol ski-base is one of...

Lake Issyk-Kul. Karakol Peak and Oguz-Bashi Peak (Eltzin Peak). Photo of Issyk-Kul Lake. Kyrgyzstan. Peak Karakol (left, 5216m height) and Peak Oguz-Bashi (right, it was renamed to Eltzin Peak in 2002, height: 5168m).
Lake Issyk-Kul. Karakol Peak and Oguz-Bashi Peak (Eltzin Peak)
Photo of Issyk-Kul Lake. Kyrgyzstan. Pea...

Evening view of Karakol Peak.. Such a view we observed in 12th of July 2007. Peak Karakol (5216m) - the highest point of Terskey Ala-Too. The view from our campsite.
Evening view of Karakol Peak.
Such a view we observed in 12th of July ...

I am in Aston Martin Lagonda M45. I had a chance to sit in the wonderful old retro car Aston Martin Lagonda M45.
I am in Aston Martin Lagonda M45
I had a chance to sit in the wonderful o...

On ski-track after passing some skiers.. The girls under the leadership of Dmitry were moving faster than some other skiers.
On ski-track after passing some skiers.
The girls under the leadership of Dmitry...

Happy after swimming in Issyk-Kul Lake.. After swimming we sat at coverlet to warm ourselves on the sun.
Happy after swimming in Issyk-Kul Lake.
After swimming we sat at coverlet to war...

Hello from Bussels.. We have visited our friends in Brussels. Friends - Bernard and Myriam - invited us to have some city sightseeing excursion, moreover in this day 21 of July Brussels was celebrating his National Day. On the photo: I am against a background of huge construction "the Atomium" of carbon structure or iron atom.
Hello from Bussels.
We have visited our friends in Brussels....

I am happy after climbing at peak Belukha.. I was really happy. That was a beatuful day - sun, fresh air, Altai mountains around and successfull climbing at the highest peak of this area - Mt. Belukha 4506m.
I am happy after climbing at peak Belukha.
I was really happy. That was a beatuful ...