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February 2010. Karakol ski base, Kyrgyzstan.

February 2010. Karakol ski base, Kyrgyzstan.

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The first lift is starting just near the place where you arrive to. These buildings are the administration house, hotel and ski-pass selling. The big white meadow is the helipad. Helicoper arrives there very often because heli-skiing is very popular in winter season.
The first lift is for beginners.
New (for 2009-2010 season) hotel Kapriz (Karakol). It was build in record time (less a year) and was ready to invite clients in November 2009. Prices are from 180$ for room in low season and to 240$ per room in high seasons.
Kapriz Hotel. Karakol
The first lift goes not so far - just 100-150 meters from hotel Kapriz and then you can have safe slow skiing or take other lift that goes to the highest point of Karakol Ski-base - "Panorama", 3040m above sea level.
View form lowest lift to routes of Karakol base
That's it. The end of first lower lift. You can see the start point for the next lift (that goes to Panorama) and the roof of hotel "Kapriz". This skiing route is really for beginners or for children. We took that for start of the day to warm up our bodies :)
The end of first lower lift of Karakol ski-base.
This is the end of main lift. Altitude is around 2800m above teh sea level. You can go down main route or take to the right along the slo[e to the lift that goes to "Panorama" (3050m).
The main route. The lift to "vagon"
This is a route from highest point of Karakol ski-base, from 3050m. The lift brings you to the top of mountain and you can choose this mogul route or other one from other side of slope.
View to "Panorama" and route, Karakol.
The route from the end of lift to the cafe, situated 100-200m down the slope, is snowy and pleasant for any kind of skiing.
I am skiing down to "vagon". Karakol
Sergey Shetinin (red jacket), Ainura Adylbekova (Orange jacket), Sergey Knyazev (blue jacket). We are ready to go down by the route that goes from Panorama
Double Sergeys and Ainura on the slope
This is the one of many routes that go from "Panorama" peak. You can go different ways to reach this point and this route. This skiing route was projected especially for giant slalom and you can see far down the end of this descent.
One of the routes from "Panorama"
The photosession on the top of Panorama peak (3050m). Sergey Shetinin and Azat are above the Karakol valley and almost one the same level (thanks to perspective) with Karakol peak 5216m, that stands on the left of the photo.
Sergey, Azat and Karakol peak. View from 3050m.
The highest peak of Terskey Ala-Too range - Peak Karakol 5216m. The view from Panorama peak 3050m, Karakol ski-base
Peak Karakol 5126m in winter time. View from ski-base "Karakol"
If to look to north from Panorama peak, you see the wonderful view of winter Issyk-Kul Lake and Karakol town. From this point you can go down to the mogul route. Photo: Sergey Shetinin and Ainura Adylbekova.
View from Panorama to Issyk-Kul Lake. Amazing.
From this point (from Panorama upper routes) you can see that currently ski-base Karakol has 3 main altitude lifts (don't count that lower lift for beginners and children). Far there - the main lift. Then you can see one more additional lift - it's run on high load days to bring people from cafe to 2800m altitude. And the closest lift you can see - the lift to 3050m to Panorama.
The route to cafe. View from Panorama
This is the meddli of main route (bottom part is after the turn to the right doen there). The deep slope is higher and this part of route is good for those who wants practice skiing skills.
The route down after cafe. Karakol ski-base
When we were skiing, helicopter arrived. Probably it brings clients for heli-skiing which is popular in Kyrgyzstan mountains and Karakol ski-base is not exception for this.
Helicopter at ski-base Karakol
We were lucky with weather, routes, snow and had a good mood for skiing at Karakol ski base.
I am on the route. Go down!
Ainura Adylbekova - my classmate from far 1988-1989 years. We were the pupils of one school and now she grown to beatiful and sporty girl.She is a great mountain climber and knows each peak of this area (Karakol, Tien-Shan, Terskey Ala-Too). I am happy I met her after so long time and we had a wonderful skiing time with Ainura. For those who wants to climb some peaks in Central Tien-Shan or Karakol area - Ainura Adylbekova is the best guide to choose.
Ainura Adylbekova - sportwoman, mountain climber and beaty girl
Sergey Knyazev - teh best driver I ever knew. He is really professional in driving cars and works for transfers on long distances: Almaty - Bishkek - Karakol. He likes to ski also and likes to do it fast - so on the photo he went ahead mach faster than me and was waiting for us while we had a photo sessions.
Sergey Knyazev. Karakol ski base
The parking place in front of administration building of Karakol ski base.
Administration of Karakol ski-base
We had 2 days for skiing. After the hard sporty day we were tired and slowly walking home.
Enough of skiing, let's go home
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