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December 2012. Thailand (Pattaya) from Siberia, Novosibirsk

December 2012. Thailand (Pattaya) from Siberia, Novosibirsk

The travel to Thailand was planned in the summer 2012. To get a better price we should buy tickets early, 5-6 months advance. My friend suggested me the best choice for dates and hotel and we booked our trip in July 2012 for December 2012. As appeared that was a great chance for us to escape the crazy frost of minus 37 in Novosibirsk and come to warm weather of plus 35 centigrades in Pattaya.

The team was great - my family (Lyuba, Zhanna and I), my friend Andrey and his wife Katya and my other friend Alexander and his daughter Olya.

The period of our journey was from 16th December till 26th od December 2012. We were suggested to take a few excusrions in Thailand and decided to order them when we arrive to hotel.

The time difference between Thailand and Novosibirsk is 0 hours, i.e. no difference - that helped us a lot, because we shouldn't rebuild our internal schedule to new time.

16 December 2012 - Our flight was delayed for 7 hours, so we started 7am and landed in Bangkok in 2pm. Once arrived we met the representative of Anex Tour and were transferred to Pattaya - 2 hours far from teh capital of Thailand. The coutry met us with hot temperature and wet air, but that was much better than minus 37 what we had in Novosibirsk those days. Our hotel Grand Jomtien Palace *** met us very well and my girls were really happy to see the room where we should live next 10 days. The hotel has 2 big pools and short distance to the beach, just cross the Jomtien road.

17 December 2012 – we had a meeting with tour operator representative and ordered a few excursions. There is a choice to order them from your tour operator or go outside and choose one of local tour agencies, where prices are cheaper. We ordered: sea boat trip with visiting Koh Rin island and fishing, two-days excursion to Kwai river, two-days excursion to Koh Samed Island, Alkazar show. That was enough for us for the first time.

18 December 2012 – This day we had a breakfast and were delivered to main port of Pattaya by bus. There we had a boat and made a wonderful one day trip to Koh Rin island, where we spent 3 hours of swimming, diving and playing volleyball. Then we had a tasteful dinner on the boat and great sea fishing and caught groupers and other small fish which was immediately fried for us. On the way back we visited the Island with monkeys and had a foam disco dancing on the boat deck.

19 December 2012 – Early get up in 4am, beacuse this day we should travel to remote area of Thailand to river Kwai. The most of the day we were driving by big comfortable bus and had stops for having sightseening. We visited the religious temple of Tiger with embalmed monk, visited 7 levels waterfalls called Eravan, and arrived to Mida Resort hotel where we spent overnight. Just before checkin to hotal we had a river Kwai rafting. All was fine but the long distance drivings by bus spoiled a little the common mood of happiness.

20 December 2012 – This day we had a breakfast and early start to way back to Pattaya. On the way we visited warm water sources, elephants farm, and monkey temple. Arrived to hotel in Pattaya around 6pm. The general emotions after thie excusrion were contradictory. From one side the nature and sighteseeing were interesting, but from other side we had very small time to visit these places and had the most of the time in the bus driving and driving (at least the roads were great)

21 December 2012 – Today we start to Koh Samed. This is the Island where the water is very clean, sand is very white and sun is very hot. This is the Island where we should feel the all the beauty of the beach relaxing. From Pattaya we took a bus which brought us to the port where we got a speedy motor boat to Island. In 15 minutes of boat flight we arrived to the beautiful beach and immediately started to swim, sunburn and relax. The local people were walking around us offering tatoos, fruits and massages. After some time we decided to take a boat and go to other side of Island to have diving and fishing. This day was spent wondeful - everyone got needed emotions and evening romantic dinner was the great end of the day.

22 December 2012 – We had a full relaxation on Koh Samed island till 3pm. Then we got a boat back to the port and bus back to Pattaya. We spent these two days with great mood. Everyone got a lot of swimming, sunburning and relaxing. The Island tour is highly recommended to all who comes to Thailand. The water and sand on the beaches differ from Pattaya and Bangkok.

23 December 2012 – That was almost a free day for us. No excursions, no activities. I've got a high temperature from the hard sun of Koh Samet and recovered during this day. Girls visited pools by the hotel and shopping around. In the evening we visited Alcazar show - amazing bautiful costumes, convincingly stunning ladyboys, spectacular stage sets. Highly recommended for visiting.

24 December 2012 – We decided to visit crocodile farm of Pattaya by ourselves this day. We took a taxi (tuk-tuk) and went to Internet found address of this farm for 250 Baht (8$). Entrance tickets cost another 13$. The crocodile farm is situated on the territory with millionyears stones park and zoo. We had enough time to see crocodile show, feed these creatures and big fish in the pool, walk between teh huge stones and sculptures and see different animals in the zoo. There are elephants also there, with possibility to feed them and had a ride. When we returned to hotel we had a Christmas dinner and small show. We didn't wait until the end of that and went to massage salon before sleep.

25 December 2012 – The last in Pattaya. We went to German restaurant to drink fresh great beer, then had some time swimming in the pools. And in the evening we went to the fruit market where bought many pinepales, mangos and other good-for-transferring exotic fruits and packed all to the suitcases. And before the last night we visited our favourite massage salon.

26 December 2012 – Flight back to frosts. We had a bus after breakfast in hotel. Arriving to airport we found that the check-in will be in time and our flight is not delayed. The last hours passed very fast and the flight back to home was really quick. Hello Siberia and minus 27 centigrades!

Have a look to our best pictures from Thailand. Read the comments and add yours.


Waiting for teh luggage in Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi
In airport of Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi
We passed some huge teterritory full of containers. Looked like a Dordoi market in Bishkek
On the way to Pattaya, containers
Girls in the bus. First they started to watch some movie but then fell asleep.
Girls in the bus
After dinner in local cafe we went to the sea shore and had short walk.
Evening walk on the beach
We had a sea boat trip in 18th December. The boat had a name "Mobi Dick" and we started our trip from Main port of Pattaya
Pattaya Port. Mobi dick
My face and Pattaya label on the hill. This is in the port before leaving to sea boat trip.
I am in the port of Pattaya
That was not clear air and captain was unsure a few minutes if we go the correct way. But when Island appeared in the haze the boat went faster. Sasha and Olya on the boat with Island Koh Rin appeared on the way.
Koh Rin Island
We used the small boat to get to the shore of Koh Rin Island. Girls were in the first group of people transferred to the beach.
Using small boats to get to the shore
Lyuba and Zhanna went ot the island in the first boat. When I was coming to the beach I saw them already swimming in the warm water of Koh Rin Island.
Coming to beach of Koh Rin Island
Lyuba is on the beach of Koh Rin island. The rocks under water nearby were full of fish and that was interesting to do snorkelling there.
Lyuba on the beach of Koh Rin Island
My wife Zhanna on the Koh Rin Island,
Zhanna near the rocks of Koh Rin
From left to right: Zhanna, Sergey, Andrey, Ekaterina. Beautiful island Koh Rin Thailand. December 2012.
Schetinin's and Vershinin's couples
That was interesting for me to do snorkelling and watch the life of underwater world. Colourful fish and clear water was found about 100 meters far from the beach.
Sergey Shetinin is doing snorkelling
My beautiful wife and the wondeful landscape of Koh Rin Island,
Zhanna. Koh Rin Island
Sasha and Olya, Sergey and Lyuba are playing beach volleyball on the sand of Koh Rin island.
Beach volley on Koh Rin sand
That was cool to swin in the sea after short volleyball trainings. Water was warm, clear and very comfortable for swimming.
Cool water after game
We returned to the boat after 2-3 hours of the rest on Koh Rin Island. We should continue our trip after short lunch.
Back to the boat
The first who started the fishing was Alexander Ivanov
Alexander Ivanov - fisherman
After lunch we stopped in the open sea and got fishing rods. The local guy demonstrated how to catch fish and we started.
The sea fishing start in Siam bay, Thailand
10 minutes and here it is - I got a fish! I've caught 9 species of some kind of fish - groupers, probably.
Got the fish! Saim bay
The huge catamaran was passed on the way to monkey's island.
Catamaran near monkey's island
The usual attraction included to our sea trip was a visit of monkey's island where we should feed these funny creatures.
Coming to monkey's island
We were warned not to do abrupt motions when feeding monkeys. We were still and quiet and monkeys were great.
Feeding monkeys on the island
Monkeys were fun - one found cocoa nut, cracked it and was drinking the juice from the hole. But there was very dirty in this place. Tourists left a lot of plastic and other garbage here so the place was looking repulsive.
Monkey and scrapyard
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