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December 2006. Novosibirsk. Snow, skiing.

December 2006. Novosibirsk. Snow, skiing.

Winter has come late this year. We were waiting the first snow till the end of November. Before that we wore a light jackets and shoes what was unusual for the this season. November was mentioned in the news as an unusually warm in this year.

Then in December we had more snow - it was falling during four days and for this days we have got a month quote of precipitations. That was a trouble for Novosibirsk services to clean the roads and streets and we have got a terrible traffic for a couple of days.

So, we had a snow and were happy to start our skiing weekends. The weather allowed us to feel ourselves very comfortable and temperature was not so low as usual. In December we had temperature around zero and that was very good for skiing.

This year we bought all necessary equipment for Zhanna too (last year only me and Lyuba were skiing) and now our small family can often be met in the closest forest or at the skiing base (Tulski or Tulsky skiing base).


We were waiting for the snow for a long time in this year. Al last it came in November and its amount was huge. But we ad no the frost after the snow, so we could walk and go skiing with a great pleasure.
At the picture: Luyba with toy on the snow.
Winter in Novosibirsk. Lyuba.
Lyuba decided to make a snowball and it was done in a few minutes.
Lyuba and snowball.
The speed on the chute became faster with the snow and small frost on the next day.
Lyuba on the chute.
Two days after we had even more snow and many trees in the forest were broken.
At the photo: Lyuba is sitting on the broken tree in the forest.
Lyuba and broken tree.
All trees and branches were covered with snow. And some branches were not strong enough to keep it.
At the photo: Lyuba among the branches and trees covered with snow.
Lyuba among the trees.
The snow was good enought to sculpture a snowman. And Lyuba, with the help of Zhanna, created one snowman using an ashberry for the eyes and twigs for the ears and mouth.
Lyuba is creating a snowman.
The snowgirl was born from the snow!
Lyuba and snowman.
At the photo: Zhanna is standing on the trail in the forest.
Zhanna and snow.
Every weekend we visit the Alek Tulsky skiing lodge in Akademgorodok. In the last year (2005) my second cousin Taralenko Dmitry invited us to have a skiing. From that times we try to use every weeked for this. Dmitry likes to teach my girls to have right skiing. Zhanna and Lyuba fond of skiing now.
At the picture: we just arrived to the skiing lodge (named Alek Tulsky). Zhanna, Dmitry and Lyuba.
Arrival to the skiing lodge.
Zhanna and Lyuba have started skiing under the direction of Dmitry.
Start of skiing.
This is the first year when Zhanna started skiing. Me and Lyuba - we started in 2005.
At first times Zhanna and Lyuba were moving together to help each other to understand the technics of skiing.
Zhanna and Lyuba - skiers.
Lyuba shot ahead with the pose of real skier.
Lyuba is skiing faster...
Our skiing teacher/coach/instructor - Dmitry!
Dmitry Taralenko.
The girls under the leadership of Dmitry were moving faster than some other skiers.
On ski-track after passing some skiers.
Before the long descending from the hill Dima shot ahead to see the situation. There could be many fallen skiers and children at the end of descending, so Dmitry went to check it.
Dima shot ahead.
Lyuba decided to start first to show us how we should do skiing down from the hill.
Lyuba went first.
Zhanna and Dmitry ski down from the hill after Lyuba.
Zhanna and Dmitry then...
Dima went by very quickly. He was watching how Zhanna and Lyuba are finishing their descent.
Dmitry is skiing down.
After we finished the skiing I had a chance to give a camera to Zhanna and she ook a picture of me. Not so good quality, but ok...
Me and skis.
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