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August 2007. Photos of Issyk-Kul lake Kyrgyzstan

August 2007. Photos of Issyk-Kul lake Kyrgyzstan

After such a great trekking in Karakol valley I had three weeks to have a full relaxation before the new coming working year. Here, in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan, I had a lot of possibilities to spend my rest-time full of joy, meetings, wimming and sunburning. Issyk-Kul Lake, good summer weather, fresh vegetables and fruits, friends and relatives meetings, fishing and many other things and activities accompanied us this time.
My girls, wife Zhanna and daughter Lyuba, came to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of June and lived in the house of my mother-in-law just near the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake ('SMU' settlement, about 10km from Karakol town). I joined them after my mountains' trip and lived with them until the end of my annual leave.
During these three weeks we met many people. A lot of my friends, classmates and relatives still live in Kyrgyzstan and I was more than happy to meet them again. Below is the list of most valuable meetings of this summer:

• Azatbek Dushembiev and Ruslan Akunov (classmates of mine in the school No.1 of Karakol town) became a very brave fishermen and we went for fishing a few times this year. Most beautiful and productive fishing was on the Lake Issyk-Kul near Tamga village where we were catching a fantastic fish called "Issyk-Kul dace (chebachok)" (Leuciscus bergi - the young and smaller brother of Leuciscus schmidti). Below you can see the photos of this wonderful and delicious fish.

• Askhat Shakurov, my classmate in the school No.11 of Karakol town. He married and became a happy father twice already! We met each other at his dacha near Mikhailovka village where we (me, Zhanna, Askhat's family, Azat and Ruslan) spent one evening having a perfect banya (sauna in russian style) drinking local beer and talking about our life.

• Anna and Jury, my good friends, owners of good computer shop "T&U" in Karakol". Many good rememberances I have about them. This year we had a chance to visit a perfect beach of Issyk-Kul Lake near Mayak ("Lighthouse" in English) village together. Day was very sunny and we spent a wonderful day swimming in the lake Issyk-Kul, sunburning, eating water-melon and talking about all.

• And of course meeting of my mom, younger sister and grandfather. That was and will be the most important reason of visiting Kyrgyzstan. My mother and grandpa live in the village Pristan-Karakol (former Pristan-Przhevalsk) near Lake Issyk-Kul too. We visited them very often and were very happy to talk. My grandfather is long-liver - next year 2008 he is 90 years old!
Below you can find the photos of Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan and also the pictures:
- fishing at Issyk-Kul Lake and ponds
- Karakol town, SMU, Pristan-Karakol
- rest at Issyk-Kul Lake
- Boom canyon
- beaches of Issyk-Kul Lake


Such a perfect shot was found in 2001 in Internet. Most probably this picture was captured by NASA and posted to their website. The whole Issyk-Kul Lake is visible plus Kapchagay men-made lake in Kazakhstan. The photo of Issyk-Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan is amazing.
Photo of Issyk-Kul Lake. Kyrgyzstan. Space shot.
View of part of Djergalan bay of Issyk-Kul Lake. Possible to see Karakol river mouth, popular beach of Karakol citizens, far away it's possible to see Mikhailovka dachas.
Issyk-Kul Lake. Djergalan bay. Karakol river mouth.
Local boys were playng football without boots but in socks. Maybe socks helped them to protect feet from the hot sand, but maybe to make kick more stronger?
Local soccers at the beach.
Sea-buckthorn tree is very popular in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. We had a perfect example near the place we lived, on the shore of the Lake Issyk-Kul.
Lyuba, sea-buckthorn, Issyk-Kul Lake.
Not everyday we had a good sunny days. Sometimes we got a bad cloudy, rainy weather. And usually that bad weather was comimg from the side of Issyk-Kul Lake.
Bad weather at the Lake Issyk-Kul

Panoramic view of Djergalan bay of Issyk-Kul Lake. Picture size 2947x600. Amazing merging of 6 shots into one panoramic photo.
Lovely view of Pristan's (Pristan-Prjevalsk) street Ozernaya and greeny meadow known to all inhabitants of both villages. The popular in the summer sunny days bus stop is situated at the street. Far there at the other hill you can see the fence of Prjevalsky memorial.
View of Pristan Prjevalsk street from SMU hill
Such a view was presented to us this year. Collage: potato field, abandoned house, blue sky, Prjevalsky peak.
Abandoned house, peak Prjevalsky, SMU
One good sunny day me, Zhanna, Lyuba and my friends Anna and Jury with their children went to one lovely beach of the lake Issyk-Kul in the area of Mayak village. We found a quiet perfect place and put some kind of awning to protect Lyuba against the sun. At the photo from left to right: Lyuba under the tent, Zhanna is sunburning, Anna and Jury are sitting on the bedspreads.
Mayak, Issyk-Kul Lake. Anna, Jury, Zhana, Lyuba
Lyuba went to swim first. We gave her a balloon for swimming and she was happy in the water. The view of Terskey Ala-Too opened to us: Peaks Karakol and Oguz-Bashi were standing in front of us.
Lyuba started to swim in Issyk-Kul lake | Isikul
Great weather, excellent photo view of Issyk-Kul Lake and eastern part of Terskey Ala-Too range. Left side of photo, far away - Peak Tashtanbek, middle - Peak Prjevalsky, right - Peak Karakol 5216 m - the highest peak of the range.
Issyk-Kul Lake. Koisara (Koysary) in front of Djergalan bay from Mayak side
Photo of Issyk-Kul Lake. Kyrgyzstan. Peak Karakol (left, 5216m height) and Peak Oguz-Bashi (right, it was renamed to Eltzin Peak in 2002, height: 5168m).
Lake Issyk-Kul. Karakol Peak and Oguz-Bashi Peak (Eltzin Peak)
Me, Issyk-Kul Lake and two most beautiful peaks of Terskey range: Peak Karakol (5216m) amd Peak Oguz-Bashi (5168m). In 2001 I had a successful climbing on three highest peaks of this area: above mentioned peaks plus Peak Djigit. Unfortunately we couldn't reach even a bottom of Djigit peak this summer because of the bead weather conditions.
Me, Issyk-Kul Lake and highest peaks of Terskey Ala-Too
I took a run and jumped into the water of Issyk-Kul lake. That was deep in one meter and half and my diving was successful. Water was very warm.
I'm swimming in Issyk-Kul Lake.
The sandy clear beach of Issyk-Kul Lake was amazingly long in this area.
Sandy beach of Issyk-Kul Lake
That was a great surprise for me to see this kind of transpost here nowadays. I though that barges sank into oblivion after USSR collapse. At that time that very usual to meet this transport on the lake.
Barge at Issyk-Kul Lake.
After swimming Lyuba dried herself with towel and sat under the roof we set especially against the sun rays. At the noon time sun was burning more than usual.
Lyuba at the beach under the roof
The day was wonderful, sights of the nature and landscapes were incredible. Me and Zhanna went along the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake to find a better photo views and took many pictures. At this photo: Zhanna, sand, Lake Issyk-Kul. At the background: Terskey Ala-Too range with main summits: Peak Karakol, Oquz-Bashi, Armstrong.
Zhanna at the beach of Issyk-Kul Lake. Mayak
After a good swimming and sunburning we found a good place in the shadow of sea-buckthorn trees and made a tasteful lunch from fresh vegetables and fruits, plus bottle of good wine. This day was spent very-very good - the weather was luckily perfect, our mood was excellent, steady sunburning hopefully was for a long time. Particularly we were very surprised with such a miraculous landscapes found in this part of Issyk-Kul Lake.
Lunch at the beach of Issyk-Kul Lake.
On the way back from Issyk-Kul Lake to Karakol town we passed Mikhailovka village and found a breathtaking view of eastern part of Issyk-Kul Valley:- foreground we saw Mikhailovka's dachas - very popular summer rest place for the citizens of Karakol town. Dachas are situated in the mouth valley of Djergalan river and scheduled buses ae coming here almost every hour in the summer time days.- background we saw Karakol town and Karakol valley behind the settlement with a severe Peak Djigit (5173m) view,  one of three 5000 meters peaks of Terskey Ala-Too range.
Peak Djigit (Dzhigit, Gigit), Karakol town, Mikhailovka's dachas
That was the day of the first meeting of my friends (Ruslan Akunov and Azatbek Dushembiev) and first attempt to chatch some fish. We went to Mikhalovka's dachas area - there is a lovely small pond, called Lake 'Krugloe' (Round). I used to successfully chatch a fish there at any time of the day 5-6 years ago. But this day we had no any success - teh lake was changed very much and became unknown for me. But gnats were happy to meet us.
Fishing. Lake 'Krugloe'. Ruslan.
After we understood that here we have no chance to catch any fish we decided to move to other small pond of this area. Moreover mosquitos of this swampy area were very rigorous to us (but to be honest we had no any protect against them - we were in t-shirts and shorts). At photo: I am carrying Lyuba over the swamp of the pond's shore.
Lake 'Krugloe'. Me and Lyuba
At evening time we arrived to the pond situated on the territory of Mikhailovka dachas. Spent there one hour, feeded gnats, didn't catch somthing and went back to home. At photo: Ruslan and his son, me and Lyuba.
Pond of dachas
In 20th of July we came to the mouth of Kara-Suu river. This river flows into the lake Issyk-Kul in the village Pristan-Karakol. On the eve of this day we had a big meeting of old friends at dacha (with sauna) of Askhat Shakurov, so today we felt ourselves not too brave for fishing. I went indifferently to some place and sat there thinking about nothing, but Rislan Akunov, as a real fisherman began to prepair fishing-tackles.
Fishing in the mouth of Kara-Suu river. Issyk-Kul
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