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August 2007. Photos of Issyk-Kul lake Kyrgyzstan

August 2007. Photos of Issyk-Kul lake Kyrgyzstan

After such a great trekking in Karakol valley I had three weeks to have a full relaxation before the new coming working year. Here, in Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan, I had a lot of possibilities to spend my rest-time full of joy, meetings, wimming and sunburning. Issyk-Kul Lake, good summer weather, fresh vegetables and fruits, friends and relatives meetings, fishing and many other things and activities accompanied us this time.
My girls, wife Zhanna and daughter Lyuba, came to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of June and lived in the house of my mother-in-law just near the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake ('SMU' settlement, about 10km from Karakol town). I joined them after my mountains' trip and lived with them until the end of my annual leave.
During these three weeks we met many people. A lot of my friends, classmates and relatives still live in Kyrgyzstan and I was more than happy to meet them again. Below is the list of most valuable meetings of this summer:

• Azatbek Dushembiev and Ruslan Akunov (classmates of mine in the school No.1 of Karakol town) became a very brave fishermen and we went for fishing a few times this year. Most beautiful and productive fishing was on the Lake Issyk-Kul near Tamga village where we were catching a fantastic fish called "Issyk-Kul dace (chebachok)" (Leuciscus bergi - the young and smaller brother of Leuciscus schmidti). Below you can see the photos of this wonderful and delicious fish.

• Askhat Shakurov, my classmate in the school No.11 of Karakol town. He married and became a happy father twice already! We met each other at his dacha near Mikhailovka village where we (me, Zhanna, Askhat's family, Azat and Ruslan) spent one evening having a perfect banya (sauna in russian style) drinking local beer and talking about our life.

• Anna and Jury, my good friends, owners of good computer shop "T&U" in Karakol". Many good rememberances I have about them. This year we had a chance to visit a perfect beach of Issyk-Kul Lake near Mayak ("Lighthouse" in English) village together. Day was very sunny and we spent a wonderful day swimming in the lake Issyk-Kul, sunburning, eating water-melon and talking about all.

• And of course meeting of my mom, younger sister and grandfather. That was and will be the most important reason of visiting Kyrgyzstan. My mother and grandpa live in the village Pristan-Karakol (former Pristan-Przhevalsk) near Lake Issyk-Kul too. We visited them very often and were very happy to talk. My grandfather is long-liver - next year 2008 he is 90 years old!
Below you can find the photos of Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan and also the pictures:
- fishing at Issyk-Kul Lake and ponds
- Karakol town, SMU, Pristan-Karakol
- rest at Issyk-Kul Lake
- Boom canyon
- beaches of Issyk-Kul Lake


After some time we discovered this place, asked local fishermen about fishing strategy of this area (btw all of them were going home to this moment because the best biting was in the morning) and went to the confluence point of Kara-Suu river. We didn't catch some fish this day, but became refreshed and got a better mood thanks to water, breeze and sunny day. At photo: me and Ruslan, who tied a wonderful useful  float to his fishing line.
In the mouth of Kara-Suu river. Issyk-Kul
It used to be a beach before (local people called it 'Zavodskoi plyaj'). Now it was rushy and the shore was swampy. A pair of serious fishers were angling there (provaby for carps or crucian) on the far bank.
Fishermen on the other side of bay.
In spite of that we were well unprepared to the fishing - our look was very stylish: the big bag for the big fish, good rods and good fishing-tackles. These days I had no even one bite of fish in the places we visited - that was amazing for me - because I was considered to be a good fisher last years. At this day we visited Karakol river in the area of middle road Karakol - Pristan.
True fisherman
We tried many ways to catch fish this day. But even some additional fish-feed didn't help me!
I am going with fish-feed. Fish - take care!
The lucky bargee of the day was Ruslan - nobody but him could cacth any fish this day. At one moment we found excited Ruslan coming to us with some fish in his hand. He caught an 'osman' - widespread fish of all rivers around Issyk-Kul Lake.
The indigenous scaleless osman (Dyptichus dybowskii) appears in two forms: D. dybowskii in rivers and a subspecies D.d. lansdelli in the lake. The subspecies appears in a winter lake form and a summer migratory form which spawns in rivers. The winter form spawns from February to April and its fecundity is 13,000-14,500. The summer form is smaller, has a fecundity of 5,500-12,000, and spawns from April until September. Both forms are omnivorous. Until the 1970s, scaleless osman was common and the major component of capture fisheries.
Scaleless osman (Dyptichus dybowskii) caught by Ruslan. Photo.
Azat did many interesting shots this day. After Ruslan caught one 'osman' we were going along the river Karakol with hope to catch more. At photo: Ruslan trying new deep on Karakol river to find more fish.
Ruslan is angling at the bank of Karakol river.
I met Oleg Farhutdinov and Valentina this summer. Thanks to this people we climbed three highest peaks of Terskey Ala-Too (Peak Djigit, Karakol, Oguz-Bashi) in 2001. I was happy to talk with them and as Oleg is super-fisher I told him about my problem that we couldn't catch any fish these days. He said: "If yu want 100% catch a fish - go to Kokuikul lake!"
Oleg Farhutdinov and Valentina
In the morning of 25th of July we arrived to Kokuikol lake (people commonly call it 'Kukuikulka') per suggest of Oleg Farhutdinov before. From apart the lake was looking lovely. But coming to the water we found that deepness of the lake is very shallow near the shores. So we needed a boat. Asat and Ruslan rented the fisher boat from the guard of the lake and went to the middle of the water. I decided to stay at the shore because again I doubted about the success. At photo: my rod, small rushy bay of the lake Kokui-Kul and boat with my friends on the left.
Lake Kokuikol (Kokui-Kul). Fishing.
Three hours later, vainly trying to catch some fish on the lake Kokuikul, we have got a pity thoughts about our luck these days. I haven't got any bites these days, Asat and Ruslan caught one small crucian (finger size) and that's all. Loking at them in the boat I thought they began to sleep already. We should change this routine. Shouted a few minutes to each other about our plans and results we decided to move to other place - to issyk-Kul Lake.
Azatbek and Ruslan at the boat. Kokuikul Lake fishing.
That was amazing to see the huge fish shoals along the lake shores. That was a wonderful fish: Grass Carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella. It didn't like my worms and other flies on my fishing line because this kind of fish like grass and algae. At photo: The shoal of Grass Carps running away from the shore after I went to the hill.
Grass carp. Fishing at Kokuikul Lake. Kyrgyztsan.
Azatbek, while he was sitting at the shore, got a crazy shot of Grass Carp tail. At the time of our fishing at the lake Kokui-Kul we noticed strange things appeared from the water now here, now there. Later we found that while Grass Carp fish was feeding it moved fins or tail above the water.
Tail of Grass Carp Kokuikul Lake fishing. Kirgizia.
We decided to go now to Issyk-Kul Lake because the fishing on the lake Kokui-Kul was unsuccessful for us today. The boat should be delivered to it's owner and Azat gave me a place in there for our last sailing. While we were sailing I tied a special fishing lines for catching a fish called "Issyk-Kul dace (chebachok)" (Leuciscus bergi). At photo: Ruslan Akunov and me.
To the last sailing on the lake Kokuikul.
In one hour, after we left Kokuikul lake, we were driving along the south shore of Issyk-Kul Lake  to the next fishing place in the area of Tamga village. Weather was wonderful and we hoped to catch some fish anyway. We noticed taht there were a few fishermen along the shore here.
Tamga. Lake Issyk-Kul. South shore.
Arriving to the place, where we were going to have a fishing, we found a few fishermen along the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake. They were rethrowing out a feelers not too seldom - so that meant they had a bites. We were happy to see some fish in the bags of people and started to prepare our rods for fishing.
Fishermen along the Issyk-Kul Lake shore.
That's it! I caught a first fish of this year! First bite and couple of daces in one time! I was really happy thas moment.
Hurrah! First fish (a couple of daces) is caught!
Sometimes we caught a couple of fish in one time. Azat did it a few times. But the champion was Ruslan - who once caught three fish in one time!
Azatbek caught a couple of daces!
To the moment when we arrived to this Issyk-Kul Lake shore there were a few fishermen along the water. To be honest, they had very modest catch. For the first three hours we spent there we caught about fifty species of Issyk-Kul dace (chebachok) which we kept in the digged hole in the sand. The secret of our successful catch was in special worms and flies we used and in special fishing lines I tied just before. At photo: our catch, Azatbek, Ruslan.
Issyk-Kul Lake fishing. Along the shore.
South shore of Issyk-Kul Lake in Kyrgyzstan is famous as a part of the lake where water is crystal clear almost everywhere. At that day we found again that this was true: water was clear, warm and that seemed to us that we were able to see the bites of fish (L. bergi) under the water.
Crystal clear water of south shore of Issyk-Kul Lake.
Such a great fish - "Issyk-Kul dace (chebachok)" (Leuciscus bergi close-up).Until the early 1970s, L. bergi was the dominant fish in the lake. It was found down to depths >100 m, and reached a maximum body-length of 16.5 cm and weight of 60 g. During recent years, however, the number and distribution of this species have sharply declined. Of the three types, i.e. the inshore, the semi-migratory and the fast-growing, the first two declined the most. Leuciscus schmidti has a biology similar to that of L. bergi, but the former species seeks food in deeper water and prefers feeding on plankton.
Issyk-Kul dace / chebachok (Leuciscus bergi)
Close-up of our catch. That was an outstanding catch of the day. Some of neighbour fishermen came to us with surprising and asking about the secret. Azat took a great picture of Issyk-Kul chebachok (L. bergi)
Issyk-Kul dace / chebachok (Leuciscus bergi). Close-up
Until the late evening we were staying at the Lake Issyk-Kul catching a fish. Biting was very good and we  went to home when darkness was there. At photo: I'm pulling the next fish, Ruslan is going to re-cast the line.
Evening biting. Issyk-Kul Lake fishing.
After sun descended we gathered our rods and fishing-trakles and were ready to start home to Karakol town. At photo: happy fishers Ruslan and Azatbek with our catch.
Ruslan and Azatbek with our caught fish. Issyk-Kul Lake.
After we arrived at home we weighed the fish we caught. It appeared we caught 5 kg in total - that was very good take. We split this take for 3 parts and you can see my portion at the photo.
My take of this day. Issyk-Kul dace (L.bergi)
While the fish was fresh we scaled, solted and fried it with flour - the recipe of fried issyk-kul dace (chebachok, L.bergi) is very simple.
Fried Issyk-Kul dace (chebachok, L.bergi)
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