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2007 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. Rest-Day in Novosibirsk

2007 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge. Rest-Day in Novosibirsk

In 8th of June Peking to Paris 2007 Motor Challenge arrived to Novosibirsk. First competitors were observed on the Berdsky Shosse road 30 km before Novosibirsk's center at 2pm. This day they had a route from Bijsk to Novosibirsk and arriving here they should have a rest-day in 9th of June.

In 2007 this rally is celebrating the remarkable achievements exactly of 100 years ago with a timed re-enactment of the original "great race" – the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge... the first-ever trans-Continental motor-rally. It became an epic challenge between a Prince and a Pauper – Prince Borghese had the best funded entry and carefully researched the conditions of setting out on a journey where the first 5,000 miles saw no roads, at all, so, no maps and no garages. His chief rival was a fair-ground worker who until he read news of the race in a Paris newspaper, Le Matin, picked up blowing in the wind, he had never even sat in a motor-car, so had no idea how to drive one.

The second Peking to Paris was not held until the summer of 1997, when on the 90th anniversary, Endurance Rally Association staged the first-ever rally for classic and vintage cars to cross China, and the first-ever rally to cross Tibet.

2007 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge's full route is: Peking - Great Wall of China - Inner Mongolia - Gobi Desert - Outer Mongolia - Ulaan Baator - Steppes of Asia - Russia (Altai: Bijsk; Siberia: Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen; Ural: Yekaterinburg; Central Russia: Perm, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg) - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Czech Republic - Germany - Paris - Place de la Concorde. More at the official site:

I had a chance to be among these fun cars these two days. Bob (Robert) Fountain - the friend of my friend and the owner of "Aston Workshop - Aston Martin for Sale" - took part in this rally on Aston Martin Lagonda M45 1934 and he needed some help to find some washing and repairing services here. Before he arrived to Novosibirsk I booked one garage for him and servicemen from there were the best to repair all what was needed for Robert's car.

All my photographs from this event are below. Read comments as usual... If you want to see all pictures taken by Bob from Peking to Paris race 2007 - click here.


Zhanna took a shot of first cars arriving to Novosibirsk at 2pm on 8th of June. First was some other green car, but it was too unexpected so Zhanna couldn't take picture of it. This one is Buick Sedan Saloon 1938.
Buick Sedan Saloon (1938) near the railway station Seyatel.
On the way to Novosibirsk near the railway station Seyatel I met the car of Bob.
Meeting of Bob on the way to Novosibirsk.
We were driving in front of Bob's Aston Martin till the Hotel Sibir.
Bob is following our taxi.
We are driving under the Metro Station Rechnoy Vokzal bridge
Near the Metro Station Rechnoy Vokzal
The parking was organized near Sibir Hotel. That was a timecontrol point for this day.
First competitors arrived to Sibir Hotel
Bob and Joseph did a long path today. Of course they are looking tired.
Bob and Joseph in their car
I had a chance to sit in the wonderful old retro car Aston Martin Lagonda M45.
I am in Aston Martin Lagonda M45
After timecontrol and hotel checkin car was brought to car washing service station.
Washing service station
Bob asked to wash everywhere inside and outside the car and serviceman started from engine.
Beginning of washing from engine.
Full cleaning and washing car got inside of the washing box.
The car in the washing box
After the washing procedure teh car was looking perfect.
Aston Martin after washing box.
The car in the garage of Shell Helix repair shop. Thanks to teh owner of this garage teh car was repaired in 9th of June.
Aston Martin in the repair shop box.
Afternoon of 9th of June. Most of competitors washed their cars and in 8pm organisators of rally decided to allow local people to come close to the cars. Before taht time people were waiting around.
Parking in front of Sibir Hotel.

Parking in front of Sibir Hotel. part 2

Parking in front of Sibir Hotel. part 3

Ford Model A 1931
Buick Sedan Saloon 1938 и Buick Coupe 1937
Two Buicks

Delage D6L 1930
Some cars, like this La Salle Coupe 1940, were looking unsteady but mechanics were trying to do their best.
La Salle Coupe 1940 and mechanic
Indeed like an exhibition.
Two Buicks and other cars in the line.
One from Classics (pre 1961 type cars) group - Volvo 1800S 1967
Volvo 1800S 1967

Buick Coupe 1937

Volvo 1800S 1967 from the front
One from Pioneer (pre 1921 type cars) group.
Talbot 35 HP 1908
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