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January 2008. Ski resort "Karakol"

January 2008. Ski resort "Karakol"

My friends, Dmitry Leshev and Natalya Yamkovaya, have returned from their winter Kyrgyzstan holidays. They spent two weeks on the beautiful ski resort of Kyrgyzstan – "Karakol" ski-base. This ski-base is being developing for the last 2-3 years and we can already see the real results of this improvement: new chair lifts, new buildings, new ski routes and wonderful service is appeared to be usual nowadays in this region.

Lots of people visited Karakol this winter time – almost all hotels and guest houses were booked in the New Year season. Local inhabitants are happy from one side – more money comes to region, but also they think that the region can be suffered from big crowds and from disrespectful attitude to nature, which is very wild and beautiful in Kyrgyzstan.

What can offer "Karakol" ski-base? A lot. Just look at the features:

  • Ski route distances: from 400m to 3.5km
  • Total distance of all routes: more than 20km
  • The upper point of ski routes: 3040m
  • Minimal slopes degree 7%
  • Maximal slopes degree 53%
  • Duration of season: from November till May

On-place features also include: helicopter pad, hotel, cottages, restaurant, sauna, billiard, ping-pong, computer room.

There is a hiring room for skis, snowboards, sledges is also there. 5 lifts with one chairs equipped are serving the slopes and routes. Even the sledges route is equipped with lift.

So, after the trip of my friends and their pictures of Karakol ski-base I’m going to visit this unique resort as soon as possible. Of course it depends on my work and annual holidays, but I will try to find 1-2 weeks in the coming years. Moreover the prices for such a trip for me are lower if compare with other closest good skiing resorts around, of course if you know where to go and how to go to Karakol (and I am not the last in the queue of experienced travelers to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan).

Please find the best photographs of Karakol ski-base below and if you have any comments or words to say – just .


On the way Bishkek-Karakol all cars are crossing the pass in Boom gorge and enter to Issyk-Kul region near Balykchy town. This area is known with windy weather and even in winter here you can see a small amount of snow.
Road exit from Boomskiy valley. Winter way Bishkek-Karakol.
Such a beautiful winter view of Issyk-Kul Lake you can see from the road Bishkek - Karakol if you take the north road. This road will pass Balykchy, Cholpon-Ata, Ananyevo, Tyup.
Winter Issyk-Kul Lake from the road Bishkek - Karakol
The main improvement of Karakol ski base is the chair lift that can bring people up to 2750m altitude. From this altitude you will see the wonderful view of surrounding area.
Ski-Base Karakol. Main chair lift
This view is opening from 2750 m altitude of ski-base Karakol where chair lift is ending. Winter lake Issyk-Kul, Karakol city and Kungey Ala-Too range are in front of you.
Winter Issyk-Kul Lake, Karakol town from ski route
The view of Karakol town and the entrance of Karakol gorge from 2750m altitude of ski route in Kashka-Suu valley. All the town is clearly visible same as the road that goes to ski-base.
The entrance to Karakol valley. Winter view from ski-base "Karakol"
My friends Dmitry Leshev and Natalia Yamkovaya at altitude 2650m. They were lucky to enjoy the mountain skiing this year at Karakol Ski-base.
Dima and Natalia at 2650m altitude.
New chair lift of Karakol ski-base at the background of Issyk-Kul Lake and Karakol valley and town. It's not bored to go up with such a beautiful landscapes of Kyrgyzstan.
Chair lift at the backgroud of Karakol valley
This is a main route of Karakol ski-base. Starting from altitude 2750m, if you reached the end of chair lift and don't want to go up further - which is possible, and going down to 2100 this route provide a distance of 2-3 km of enjoyable skiing for any level skiers.
The main ski route of base Karakol
From this position you can see not only the main route of ski-base Karakol, but also the highest point of all routes - 3040m "Panorama" place, where from you have the route distance of more than 3km.
One more view of ski route of Karakol ski-base
From 2650m altitude you can see the highest point of all ski routse of Karakol ski-base - peak Panorama 3040m. That route is for more experienced mountain skiers and the total distance is more than 3 km.
View of the highest point of ski-base routes. Panorama 3040m.
View to ski route from the end of chair lift - 2750m. Here you can either continue your lifting to upper point 3040m or you can start you skiing down.
View down to ski route from 2750m altitude
The wonderful view of winter Karakol gorge and its master - Peak Karakol 5216m - is opening from the altitude 2800m from the one of the routes of Karakol ski-base.
Winter Karakol gorge and peak Karakol from ski-base
Amazing view of Karakol Valley from ski base Karakol route. At the photo you can see the road, frozen Karakol river, part of Karakol town and Issyk-Kul Lake.
Down there - road and frozen Karakol river
View of route, chairs and cabim on 2650m from chair lift on the way to 2750m where you can start your skiing or continue your elevation to 3040m with simple lift.
Chair lift at the way after 2650m
Chair lift of Karakol ski-base is one of many improvements of Karakol ski base. Dmitry and Anton Leshevy are in the chair lift on the background of trees and Issyk-Kul Lake.
Picture of Karakol Ski-base. Chair lift and Issyk-Kul Lake
Another look from ski-base high point: Peak Prjevalskogo 4271m, Karakol gorge and Peak Karakol with summit hidden with light clouds.
Peak Prjevalsky, Peak Karakol and gorge. Winter view from ski-base
The first part of the chair lift way is going in the forest. From the altitude 2400m you will see the beautiful landscapes around: Karakol valley and Issyk-Kul valley.
Chair lift. The start of the way.
Issyk-Kul Lake in winter - the photo is taken in January 2008 from ski route of Karakol ski-base from altitude 2700m.
Issyk-Kul Lake in winter. View from ski-base Karakol
Another view from 2650m. There is a small cafe is situated here (to the right on the photo) where you can have drinks and snacks with no need to return to Karakol ski-base's buildings down there.
One more landscape from 2650m
Some places along the ski routes are equipped with tables and chairs for those people who maybe is tired from skiing and want to have some seat and rest.
Rest place on the way of chair lift
Nataly at the altitude 2650m is preparing for skiing down.
Nataly at the ski route. Karakol
Anton Leshev and Dmitry Leshev are in the chair lift at the background of surrounding mountains of Karakol gorge.
Dima and Anton at the background of Karakol valley mountains
Such a view of Peak Przhevalsky and upper route of Karakol ski base is presented from the streets of Karakol town, which is situated at 1800m altitude.
Peak Prjevalsky and ski routes view from Karakol town
The scheme of the ski routes of Karakol ski base in Kashka-Suu gorge. Kyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul area.
Map scheme of ski routes. Karakol ski-base
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