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Peak Belukha (Beluha) climbing 4506m in 2004. Karatyurek, Kucherla, Shambala, Akkem.

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August 2006. Kyrgyzstan. Issuk-Kul Lake.

August 2006. Kyrgyzstan. Issuk-Kul Lake.

After the European trip we have returned in Kyrgyzstan. We had a quiet flight back from Brussels to Moscow, where we spent about 10 hours wating our flight to Bishkek, then we had the last flight of our travel from Moscow to Bishkek's airport 'Manas'.

Having an overnight in Bishkek we rushed on the next morning to Issyk-Kul Lake to our daughter, our parents and grandparents. The rest of the free time we had we decided to spend for nothing to do - just for full relaxation near the beautiful lake Issuk-Kul (so-called 'pearl of Tien-Shan'). We had to muster our strength for te next coming working year in the big city. The Issyk-Kul area has a perfect climate for the rest so we were enjoying having the beautiful weather and pollution-free fruits and vegetables of this region.

Lyuba - our daughter - met us with the great elation. That was first time for her to be without parents for such a long period of time. But she was ok - she helped grandmoter at her work and was quiet (as she is usual). While we were aroad we phoned to Lyuba and she asked to bring some gifts for her (one gift for one day she is without us). So we brought a full bags of some presents - clothes, toys and other pleasant trifles.

These two weeks we spent on the Issyk-Kul lakeshore in the house of my moter-in-law. That was great to live not far from the lake - everyday were going to swim and play in the water, going to gather some herbs and flowers to take them in Novosibirsk, talking with our relatives and friends living in Karakol and Pristan-Prjevalsk. So - we had a great relaxation time there - thanks to weather.

The best pictures of Issyk-Kul Lake, Karakol town and us are posted here. Same as in other articles I have added the description to every photo and you can read then either clicking on thumbnail or in tool tips...


Before our departure we visited our parents to say 'Goodbye' for this year.
Lyuba, grandmother and grandgrandfather.
Our friend Sergey and his good car bring us back from Karakol to Almaty (via Kegen road). In Almaty we had a train to Novosibirsk. At the photo: we are on the road somewhere in Kazakhstan steppe part before Almaty.
On the road Karakol-Almaty.
In the train Almaty-Rubtsovsk. The town Rubtsovsk is equal to word "crawfish". We were passing this station almost in the midnight time, but anyway we could find a woman selling cooked (boiled) crawfish. The next hour we were busy with crawfish and beer with our fellow traveller Dima from Novokusnetsk.
In the train after Rubtsovsk.
Arriving in Novosibirsk we found an autumn here. At this time all rowan-trees looks beautiful, like my girls.
Novosibirsk. Rowan-tree. Autumn.
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