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August 2006. Kyrgyzstan. Issuk-Kul Lake.

August 2006. Kyrgyzstan. Issuk-Kul Lake.

After the European trip we have returned in Kyrgyzstan. We had a quiet flight back from Brussels to Moscow, where we spent about 10 hours wating our flight to Bishkek, then we had the last flight of our travel from Moscow to Bishkek's airport 'Manas'.

Having an overnight in Bishkek we rushed on the next morning to Issyk-Kul Lake to our daughter, our parents and grandparents. The rest of the free time we had we decided to spend for nothing to do - just for full relaxation near the beautiful lake Issuk-Kul (so-called 'pearl of Tien-Shan'). We had to muster our strength for te next coming working year in the big city. The Issyk-Kul area has a perfect climate for the rest so we were enjoying having the beautiful weather and pollution-free fruits and vegetables of this region.

Lyuba - our daughter - met us with the great elation. That was first time for her to be without parents for such a long period of time. But she was ok - she helped grandmoter at her work and was quiet (as she is usual). While we were aroad we phoned to Lyuba and she asked to bring some gifts for her (one gift for one day she is without us). So we brought a full bags of some presents - clothes, toys and other pleasant trifles.

These two weeks we spent on the Issyk-Kul lakeshore in the house of my moter-in-law. That was great to live not far from the lake - everyday were going to swim and play in the water, going to gather some herbs and flowers to take them in Novosibirsk, talking with our relatives and friends living in Karakol and Pristan-Prjevalsk. So - we had a great relaxation time there - thanks to weather.

The best pictures of Issyk-Kul Lake, Karakol town and us are posted here. Same as in other articles I have added the description to every photo and you can read then either clicking on thumbnail or in tool tips...


My friend - Almaz Arpachiev. We were studying in university together. I have visited his house and he met my like I was a big boss - the table and cuisine were very rich and tasteful.
Almaz and his family.
Sergey Feschenko - my friend. We were studying and working together.
My friend Sergey Feschenko.
Anna - my friend. The boss of T&U company in Karakol. Very kind and responsible woman. Good friend of mine.
My friend Anna.
Anna is preparing to cut the cake. That was a birthday celebration.
Anna and cake.
The beautiful roses are in the garden of my mother-in-law in the SMU which is at the shore of Issyk-Kul.
Zhanna and roses.
The roses are twice higher than Lyuba.
Lyuba and roses.
Every evening we cooked something tasteful from the ingridients that are ecologically clear in Issyk-Kul region. This evening we decided to eat shashlyk - the broiled pieces of meat.
Cooking shashlyk.
The main helpers to cook shashlyk - Zhanna and Lyuba.
Zhanna and Lyuba helps to cook.
Everybody ate shashlyk with the great pleasure.
Shashlyk was tasteful.
This is kindergarten of SMU settlement that all young children did attend including my wife Zhanna. The modernization done is amazing!
SMU. Kindergarten.
Every evening, when grandmother was at home after her work, Lyuba watched TV with her and read the books.
Lyuba and her grandmother.

Local fiances.
Lyuba was doing this procedure every evening before going to sleep.
Lyuba sweating her feet out.
This is a view of so-called 'city beach'. The part of Issyk-Kul (small creek) that is using for summer visiting by the most of people of Karakol town. The left part of the creek - not used often for swimming.
Pristan. Issyk-Kul. City beach. Left part.
And this is a right part of creek 'city beach'. This is for swimming, for sunburning and relaxation :-)
Pristan. Issyk-Kul. City beach. Main part.

Pristan. Issyk-Kul. City beach. Panoramic view.
The crossroads of Toktogula and Leninskogo Komsomola streets. The view of the place where the house of my classmate Vershinin Andrey was standing. Now it's a small shop. The house was sold by Andrey when his family moved to Murom town not far From Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.
The house of Andrey.
Karakol Registry Office where me and Zhanna were registered in 2000.
Karakol Registry Office.
This is a view of Oktyabrskaya street in Karakol town (Issyk-Kul region, Kyrgyzstan - who didn't know). This street I was going to the school from 4th to 8th forms (when I was studying in Lenina school that 2.2km from my house). The view is from Leninskogo Komsomola street to the east.
Karakol. Oktyabrskaya street.
My former colleagues from Turkestan company. At the picture: Dima Frantsuzov, me, Sveta Maslikova and Sveta Surkova.
Turkestan and his staff.
The picture from one evening when grandfather visited Lyuba.
Lyuba and grandfather.
That evening we cooked a chicked. We took shashlyk sticks and used a chicken instead of meat to cook this evening meal for us.
Roasted chicken.
Zhanna's father, Valentin, visited us to play with Lyuba. At the picture they are playing with sea shells we brought from English Channel.
Zhanna, Lyuba and grandfather.
At the evening: "Bye grandpa! Come again soon."
Grandfather is leaving us.
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